Friday, February 5, 2010

No bun in this oven.

Great news! Monsieur J and I will be tying the knot 3 weeks from today. WOW! Can you believe it? Planning a wedding in just 3 weeks? This has the potential to become a new reality TV show if you ask me! And as the title of this post indicates, we're not getting married because of any buns in the proverbial oven. I promise. Instead we came to the realization that a work permit and residency card all rolled into one will be conferred upon yours truly once we get married, and probably not before. Since we were planning on getting married this summer anyway, why not move up the date? Being engaged is great, but not if it means not being able to work and not being able to stay in the country. It seemed like a no-brainer. In the meantime, that leaves 21 precious days to plan! One of my super-organized friends suggested making a to-do list, great idea K:

[X] find a dress pour moi

[X] find a suit for Monsieur J.

[X] arrange for a bouquet and corsage at the florist

[X] figure out exactly how many people are coming

[X] make lunch and/or dinner reservations accordingly

[X] make B&B reservations for out-of-town guests

[X] buy wedding bands

[X] his and hers haircuts

[X] book honeymoon in the Pyrénées

Am I forgetting anything?

It's hard to believe we have EVERYTHING checked off the list in eleven days!

I am just so happy to know that we will be husband and wife very, very soon. Woah, those words are going to take some serious getting used to!

PS- no decorations needed for the ceremony, thank you City Hall!


  1. Wow! Congratulations, Ann! Are y'all going to do something stateside too?

  2. Yes, we'll definitely do something to celebrate in Richmond sometime in the near future! Though when exactly, I don't know... The wedding that keeps on giving?!

  3. But do you have a clown-thingy in your drawer???

    Just a question! I already leaked the news in Dey Hall 112 today and set off quite the conversation among all the international couples (3 in my office alone) about future weddings (how and when and how many ceremonies, etc.)!

  4. Félicitations! A Juanita Wedding. Has a nice ring. We'll chat soon.

  5. Yaaaaaay! :) What an unexpected turn of events in the world involving French paperwork. You should probably send invitations to all the kind French people who processed papers, gave you papers, gave you information on papers, gave you misinformation on papers, and especially those who helped you prove that you are, in fact, not a polygamist.