Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breathing a sigh of restaurant relief.

Once we found out that 15 people would be joining us to celebrate, my biggest concern was finding a restaurant that could accommodate all of us for lunch immediately following the ceremony. All sorts of pesky what-ifs were buzzing through my head: what if it's too last minute? What if we can't find a restaurant that has private rooms? What if all of the nice ones are already booked and we end up someplace shady?

However, I am sneaky and had been eyeing a restaurant called Les Copains d'Abord for a while now. Private rooms [check], tantalizing menu [check], not too far from the city center [check].

Monsieur J called on Tuesday because I loathe the telephone here. I know, it's been almost 3 years, but guess what? I still hate talking on the phone in French, especially with strangers. So there. But I digress. The owner confirmed that they had plenty of space and sent a menu for us to review. Well folks, the menu has just arrived and since I can't contain myself, I have to share:


sparkling white wine with wild blackberry liqueur


foie gras with Guerande salt and toasts

crawfish ravioli in foie gras sauce

sweetbreads with parsley, endive and pine nuts

main course

oven roasted sea bream with hazlenut pesto and rice

cassoulet with duck confit

lamb shank with seasonal vegetables

filet of beef topped with seared foie gras


candied chestnut soufflé

lemon meringue pie

custard with raspberries


I'd say it's a pretty traditional French menu with a solid dose of southwest flair, hence all of the duck products. And with three or four choices per course, everyone should be able to pick something that strikes their fancy. Of course no meal in France would be complete without wine, so there will be red and white available to pair with everyone's menu selections, à discrétion.

Who knew? I really can plan a wedding in 3 weeks!


  1. That all sounds GOOD. I thought they'd outlawed foie gras b/c of animal rights or something like that? I tried to get the MM to try some duck liver pate here in Montana and he was NOT a fan. ah well. Can't wait to see photos of the big day!

  2. Dear Ann,

    I'm showing your blog right now to Martitissima Alexander and in regards to the abundance of duck products on your wedding lunch menu, she would like to know:

    Ou' est le pepto ou le gas-x?

  3. This menu makes my mouth water. You are probably wondering who this person is that is leaving comments on your old posts. I found your blog on Fed Up with Lunch, and since I lived in France a while back I'm finding your blog quite entertaining. Keep it up!