Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A splash of color.

In our neighborhood, heavy trash pickup is on Friday. This means that one man's junk can turn into another man's treasure on Thursday evening. Typically, what people deem garbage around here is exactly that, trash. But sometimes you get lucky.

So far I've scavenged a drying rack, an assortment of hanging baskets for the balcony and an end table. My mother in law told me that rummaging through the garbage like this is très américain. But I could tell she meant it as a compliment!

At any rate, the base of the table we found was in decent shape. The top had visible water damage, but Monsieur J was able to pry it off and replace it. What to do? Mosaic.

Armed with an assortment of plates from the flea market, some glue, cement and varnish, what was once a poor pathetic end table destined for the trash is now enjoying a new life in our living room. Pas mal!


  1. Martha Stewart eat your heart out. Ann, you are a crafting genius!

  2. Beautiful, Juanita! I wish you'd come spiff up my place...

  3. Impressive! Want to come mosaic my kitchen backsplash?

  4. Ann!!!!! You go girl! The mosaic turned out gorgeous!!!! I love it!!! PS -- I love scavenging through the trash, too. Tres American!!!!!