Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A few of my favorite things.

Toulouse has great markets but the Sunday market at St Aubin is probably my favorite. Whether you're looking for local produce, smelly cheese, socks, ceramic cookware, flowers, live chickens and rabbits, empanadas, olives, mattresses, jewelry, wine, spices or buttons, St Aubin is the place to be.

The mix of people is equally as eclectic, drawing parents with strollers, hippies, the elderly and the homeless alike. As the weather starts to warm up, there tends to be live music and what the French would describe as a general bonne ambiance. There's even a grandfatherly type who plays his violin and lets the children join in on drums and xylophones and whatever else they can find. It's enough to make you appreciate that the local supermarkets are closed on Sunday; there's just no comparison!

But since every day can't be Sunday, I'm off to our nearest neighborhood market at St Cyprien in search of trout, asparagus, new potatoes and the makings for fruit salad. I'll have to post about this little gem sometime soon, as it has its own appeal!


  1. Wow, just looking at these pictures is my favorite thing today. I love your blog. I've added it to my favs. ;)

  2. Hello! I was going to shoot you an email, but I couldn't find one so I'm leaving a comment instead. Just linked to your blog via Fed Up With Lunch and I'm so delighted to have found it. I love, love, LOVE reading books & blogs about Americans living in France so keep blogging!

  3. Did you talk about the smelly cheese as a shout out to me? Lord knows I love to talk about a good smelly french cheese!

  4. Greetings from Pennsylvania!
    I enjoy your blog very much. For one who has never been to France, I love seeing your photos and reading your blog. Great armchair traveling.